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iPhoneâ„¢ Data Recovery and Reporting 

iXAM® - Advanced iPhone™ Forensic Imaging Software


Zero-Footprint Forensic Acquisition for Apple iPhone™ and iPod Touch™

The Apple iPhone offers an advanced multimedia experience that integrates cutting edge phone, web and media functions in one device. Forensically secure data recovery from such complex equipment requires a specialist solution.

iXAM® is able to provide comprehensive, non-invasive data recovery from 2G, 3G, 3GS and iPhone 4 models as well as iPod Touch and iPad 1. iXAM is proven to deliver a range of information potentially vital to law enforcement investigation, providing anything from a stored contact or text message to an email, photograph or specific map location.

Our secure extraction technique creates a full forensic image of the device via USB download, which can be retained for additional investigations in the future. A full evidential report is easily produced along with an XML audit trail covering the data extraction process.

Please see the iXAM-Forensics microsite for more information.