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Telecoms Analysts Course 

Analyse and interpret telecoms data


Course Aim

To equip the students with the knowledge, understanding and skills to be able to analyse and interpret telecoms data as part of a criminal investigation.

Course Overview

This intensive course runs over 2 days and is presented by an accredited police trainer and an experienced Telecoms Analyst.

The course is designed to assist investigators and analysts by giving them an overview of how to clean up, analyse and interpret the differing items of communications data.

The students will have hands on experience during the course as it will be held in an IT classroom. The interactive nature of the course will enable students to share their own expertise and experience with others. 

The course subject matter is especially relevant as a 'bolt on' to the more indepth 3 day Telecoms Investigators Course.

Due to the profile of FTS, we are able to ensure that all our students are given up to date instruction on the latest techniques and methods surrounding telecoms, which are being used in criminal investigations. This is particularly important due to the ever changing nature of this line of work.