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SIMiFOR - SIM Card Forensics 

Advanced Forensic SIM Card Reader and Cloning Software


SIMiFOR® is a forensic SIM card reader and cloning software suite for the purpose of examination, extraction and presentation of evidence.

SIMiFOR offers forensically safe, read-only access to system and user data held on GSM (2G), UMTS (3G), CDMA and iDEN SIM cards. It is able to access both live and deleted data and supports the advanced decoding of WAP, SMS and EMS message types. This information can be used to identify the owner and last known location of use, in addition to revealing any stored contents.

SIMiFOR ASC is a mobile phone SIM card cloning application that allows a duplicate radio blocked SIM to be created for the purposes of forensic handset examinations.

SIMiFOR and SIMiFOR ASC have been created and developed by FTS and benefit from ongoing support to ensure all the data types defined in the GSM standards are extracted.
No specialist operator expertise is required, with simple options for creating a SIM report or clone.