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Advanced Forensic SIM Card Cloning Software

SIMiFOR® ASC is a mobile phone SIM card cloning application that allows a duplicate radio blocked SIM to be created for the purposes of forensic handset examinations.

  • Re-useable SIM clone cards
  • Clone all accessible data, original SIM remains unchanged
  • Clone from original SIM or custom clone from SIM details
  • Blank clone images for all UK networks included
  • Save clone image files to create a database
  • Additional storage cards available

ASC can quickly load and create a clone SIM in seconds. A ‘cloned’ SIM card has the benefit of holding all the correct data from the evidential SIM, but is radio inactive so will protect the handset evidence by blocking a network connection during analysis.

There are two methods of creating a clone SIM using ASC:
1. Utilise an image file produced by SIMiFOR reader
2. Create a clone from custom details using a known set of values, including the IMSI and SIM Serial Numbers

A custom SIM clone is ideal if a handset needs to be examined but the SIM card has been lost or damaged.

  • Examine a phone with a PIN locked SIM card
  • Examine a phone without connecting to the mobile network
  • Examine a phone without the original SIM being present
  • Fully integrates with SIMiFOR reader

ASC is capable of replicating multiple SIM card formats, including GSM (2G), UMTS (3G) and iDEN. The integrity of the data stored on the original SIM card is not affected.