Forensic telecommunications ServicesFTS UKForensic Communications Services

Public Sector Agencies 

Trading Standards, Regulators and Local Authorities.

Mobile phones and PDA's are an integral part of most business operations. So it makes sense that when investigating the actions an activities of businesses or individuals acting illegally that these devices should be seized and analysed.

Currently a major growth area for the use of forensic services, the recent changes in the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA) has allowed public sector agencies and regulatory bodies to increase their investigative capabilities.

The facility to examine devices either on-site or with a fast turnaround is paramount when an agency is undertaking investigations of crimes or actions contravening regulatory rules. FTS can provide staff to work at client locations anywhere in the UK from one of our 6 laboratories.

FTS can also provide confidential investigative support using our network of senior ex-police investigators to facilitate discrete and low impact internal investigations.

Clients in this business sector include:

Trading Standards - Illegal Money Lending  & Counterfeiting Units.

County and Local Councils.

National Regulators in key areas such as Finance and Communications