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Mobile Phone Forensics, Cell Site Analysis, iPhone™ and PDA Forensics – from Forensic Telecommunications Services Ltd. (FTS)  We specialise in the extraction, analysis and presentation of data from mobile telephones, cellular networks and all forms of mobile computing communications technology.

Deleted mobile phone handset data - we are the world leader in its extraction and translation. We use unique in house developed HEX translation software and pioneering direct physical ‘HEX Dump’ or advanced ‘Chip-Off’ address level forensic reads.

iXAM® and SIMiFOR® are our 2 forensic extraction tools for the iPhone™ and SIM Cards. They are sold to forensic experts all over the world.

All our software and our entire ISO accredited business and laboratory systems comply with ACPO and international rules regarding the extraction, validation, preservation, production and handling of digital evidence.

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